28 Pics Of Cats Pretending They Are Birds

Before they became the most adorable pets in the world, cats were initially feral creatures who thrived in the wild. These fierce felines hunt their own food and defend themselves from predators in order to survive. Luckily for them, they are naturally bestowed with agility, flexibility and sharp claws to help them catch their prey and escape from predator attacks. Thankfully, the wild is filled with trees that can help them in so many ways. With their ability to climb, feral felines can easily find a good spot high on the branches to watch for prey. Furthermore, when cats are sat in trees they can easily see potential attackers.

This explains why felines love to climb trees. For them, trees play an important role in their survival. Even after domestication, most feline pets still possess and manifest their wild instincts. And this includes climbing trees. Since indoor kitties don’t have trees inside the house to climb, they would find other things such as curtains, cabinets, cupboards and other high places that could provide them with good vantage points. Unlike their wild relatives, domestic felines climb to high places not for survival but just for the fun of it.


Birdlike cats sat in trees

two cats sitting in a japanese plum tree


There are benefits for kitties when they climb trees, they can see prey and exercise all at once

Climbing is a great form of exercise for kittens and adult felines alike. It allows them to use their bodies to reach high places and balance themselves. For outdoor kitties, tree branches also serve as a good hiding spot from neighborhood dogs that may frighten them. And just like in the wild, a high spot also allows them to survey their surroundings to help them find their prey. Of course, their common prey like birds, chipmunks,and squirrels mostly dwell in trees. So, trees are the ideal place for them to search for potential prey.


“Neighbor’s Cat Tot Stuck In A Tree, Had To Come Rescue.”

kitty got stuck in a tree


“The Cat Tree Is Blossoming Nicely”

tree blossoming cats


“My Son Is Going Through A Rebellious Phase And Refuses To Get Down From The Tree.”

majestic kitty standing on a tree branch


But if it is so good for them why do they get stuck?

It’s no secret that cats love to climb trees and they have no problem reaching high spots in mere seconds. But why do most cats get stuck in trees? Well, we often find them meowing for help because they can’t get down from a tree. And it’s not because they’re stupid but it’s mainly because of their physiology. We need to understand that felines are built for climbing up but not so much for climbing down. Their front legs are weaker than their hind legs and their retractable claws are curved, which makes it difficult for them to maneuver their bodies when climbing down.


“Been Taking My Cat To The Park For Leash Training. Yesterday Was His First Time In A Tree.”

happy cats in trees


“He Loves This Tree.”

kitty on a treetop


“My Cat In A Tree… She Looks Like A Wild Tiger.”

fierce kitty in a cherry tree

Cats hanging out in trees is an adorable sight to behold because you can see them enjoying the nice view from up above and you can watch as they unleash their natural instincts. Take a look at these pics of cute furballs nesting up a tree like birds.


“My Cat, Milo, Precariously Sitting In A Tree To Watch The Bird Feeder”

cats in trees watching the bird feeder


“Hershel, Having A Laugh In His Tree.”

kitty found a cozy nook in a tree


“Probably On His Way To A Rooftop Nap”

cats in tree branches