You Can Get A Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Covered With Characters From The Movie

Before you put up your spooky decorations for Halloween, be sure to make room for this Nightmare Before Christmas Tree. That is, if you really want to win the Halloween décor game. This incredible piece of seasonal decoration is a crossover between Halloween and Christmas. And who says you can’t have a spooky Christmas? You can still have this tree standing even after Halloween is over.

When it comes to Halloween, it’s impossible not to include Tim Burton’s iconic film Nightmare Before Christmas into conversation. For almost three decades, the spooky season has been themed around Jack Skellington and the residents of Halloween Town. From shoes and plush toys to advent calendars and kitchenware, the creepy yet lovable characters are truly the stars of Halloween. Now there’s also an ornamental tree featuring character figurines and ornaments based from the classic animated film.


Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Collection

nightmare before christmas tree collection

This Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Collection consists of 8 issues (parts) that will arrive separately. The collection starts with Jack’s House and Sally which is then followed by the 3-foot pre-lit black tree with tree stand (issue two). Across the black branches are plenty of soft purple lights to make the entire tree look more spook-tacular.

The collection continues with Cemetery Hill Moon tree topper that also comes with a free purple nightshade tree skirt. Issue four comes in a set of 6 ornaments, followed by the Town Hall, another set of 6 ornaments, the Treehouse, and the last set of 6 ornaments to complete the collection.

jack skellington house and sally lighted figurines

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree and all the lighted sculptures, figurines, ornaments, and toppers are all handcrafted and hand-painted to give you nothing but the best. In addition to the over 50 purple lights scattered around the tree, the sculptural houses are also illuminated from within to add more eerie glow.

Moreover, this collectible item is officially licensed from Disney and comes with certificates of authenticity (one for each issue). Relive the nightmare together with the Pumpkin King, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and the rest of the gang with this scarily fun tabletop tree collection.

nightmare before christmas tree lighted figurines


halloween tabletop tree collection

Source: Bradford Exchange