Blueberry Pie Oreos Are Making Their Way Back to Stores Soon

Limited edition Oreos quickly come and go that we barely have the chance to get our hands on them. However, the good thing about these editions is that they always come around when we least expect them to come. When the reputable Instagram blogger CandyHunting announced that our favorite Blueberry Pie Oreos are coming back, people really got excited.

And there’s a reason why Oreo fans should get excited with the news. Blueberry Pie Oreos were made available exclusively at Target stores in 2016. Nabisco decided to bring the flavor back in 2017. But were available only at selected Supervalu chain stores such as Shop ‘n Save, Cub Foods, Shoppers, Hornbacher’s, and Farm Fresh. Since then, nothing has been heard about this fan-favorite flavor. Not until now. When CandyHunting posted a photo of the package, people are quick to assume that it’s finally back. To further confirm the rumor, Instagram bloggers Phatphood and Snackstalker also posted the same package. With these three popular bloggers claiming to have received the package from Oreo’s PR partners, this seems to confirm the rumor.



blueberry pie


oreo with milk


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#blueberrypieoreos #oreo #blue hmmm taste very much like blueberry muffins made with a mix. #blueberry #Oreos

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Are Blueberry Pie Oreos really coming back?

However, the brand denied the rumor when Elite Daily tried to reach out to them to confirm the news. Oreo explains that “there currently aren’t plans to bring Blueberry Pie Oreos back.”. CandyHunting later revealed that the post was meant to be a prank for April Fools. The people behind the Instagram account apologized for the misunderstanding and immediately removed the controversial post. Along with their apology is their vow not to create this kind of confusion ever again.
They are on Amazon, perhaps you can get lucky they will be in stock when you check.



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Bought a stand mixer and broke her in with blueberry Oreo white chocolate chip cookies! . . . . . #oreos #blueberrypieoreos #homemade

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We’ll also be sharing a few of our limited edition Blueberry Pie Oreo cookies with you today. #blueberrypieoreos #bundt #nordicware

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But this mishap may not be entirely for naught. Hopefully, the frenzy it sparked may persuade the company to release the flavor once again. They are on Amazon, perhaps you can get lucky they will be in stock when you check.