Photographer Renee Bergeron Turns Kids With Special Needs Into Superheroes


Just because he had been born with a double aortic arc, (requiring two heart surgeries and placement of a feeding tube), Renee Bergeron did not want her son, Apollo, to feel like he was in any way weak or lesser than his peers. So, in 2012 the professional photographer encouraged him to dress as a mini superhero for a fun photo shoot. 'I wanted him to view himself as powerful and strong, not as a victim of his unique heart' Bergeron notes in an article on the website 'BoredPanda'. After seeing how much her son loved the images, Bergeron has since offered similar shoots to children with a range of special needs, in what she's deemed 'The Superhero Project'. Check out some of her empowering work below!
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'Super Cody' is ready to take on the world!


Cody's mom adored the pictures. 'Cody seems to me always just on the verge of new ability. Just about to take off, running, counting, talking. When I get discouraged I look at these photos and remember there are no limits on him'.


'Cody Bear'!


'I hope someday when he gets older he can look at those photos and see what I see. A priceless gift and a precious superhero about to take on the world'.





Renee wants Apollo to see himself as strong and powerful. She hopes he will never be self-conscious about his scars, or feeding tube.




Melanie, 4, has autism, as well as epilepsy and sensory processing disorder. Despite this, she is bright, happy and energetic.


Mila and her brother.


Mila has apraxia of speech. But although she doesn't speak much, her smiling face says it all!




'These photos are my favorite of her and capture her spirit in a way nothing else does.' says Avery's mom.


Victoria. 'In these pictures I see my beautifully made child. I celebrate her limb length discrepancy. I'm proud of how strong she is.' says Victoria's mom.

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