‘Dog With Sign’ Hilariously Protests About Annoying Everyday Things

Remember the viral Dude With Sign? Well, it turns out that even dogs have something to say to. We introduce to you Baboy, popularly known as Dog With Sign on Instagram. By holding hilarious protest signs in her mouth, this 2-year-old puppy gives us a piece of her mind. And these dog-related phrases are probably what they would be saying if they could ever talk to us. Of course, we can never hear them complain or speak about their frustrations. But Baboy is here to break the barrier and speak out on what’s on their minds.

Baboy’s owner, Caroline, found the inspiration from none other than Dude With Sign himself. Just like Dude With Sign, Baboy can be seen in random places holding a relatable phrase about life’s struggles. Only this time, everything comes from a canine’s perspective. Nonetheless, it’s still enlightening to know what our loyal companions are thinking. She even mimicked Dude With Sign’s bio quote but added a doggo twist that goes like this: If you don’t sit for something, you’ll never get a treat.




“The internet’s reaction has been pretty positive. It’s definitely reinforcing when people reach out and say the account made them smile,” Caroline said.

Caroline also revealed that Baboy loves any type of meat and seafood but dislikes veggies. If she’s not protesting on the streets, she can be seen snuggling with her Daddy or playing with her dog friends. Dog With Sign already has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram despite only having 13 posts within the last few weeks. And we’ve got to admit, these are definitely what we’ll be hearing from our dogs if only they could speak.

Take a look at these funny photos of the protesting puppy as she takes on random places to speak her mind. Prepare to smile and chuckle as we read the daily woes of our furry pets in the most hilarious way.

























Source: Dog With Sign