12 Practical Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Practical housewarming gifts that will be appreciated can often be difficult to put together. There are so many tried and tested options such as ornaments and picture frames, but if you’re looking for unique and useful gift ideas that go against the norm, search no further! When finding the right thing, it’s best to put yourself in the position of your friends and family. What would you want as a gift? Something practical would certainly be a good start, so here are 12 awesome and useful housewarming gift ideas your loved ones will use and love. Some can be bought, others made… all will be very welcome!

Practical Housewarming Gifts

Plunger photo frame holder

This gift is great for people who have a good sense of humor. Practical housewarming gifts are not always easy to think of, however this one really is useful! You can guarantee these things will come in handy.

plunger with toilet rolls and photo frame attached

Scrabble themed coasters

These interesting coasters can be bought or made! Perfect for the Scrabble enthusiast in your life. You can choose to compile random words, or, write a sweet message.

scrabble themed coasters

Key hanger

This key holder isn’t your average, boring one! We love the hanging flower detail, however, if that’s not quite to your tastes you could always personalize this to suit the recipient!

key hanger practical housewarming gift ideas

Coffee machine with pods and mugs gift set

Some people literally cannot function properly without a cup of coffee. If you’ve got the money to spend, a coffee machine often goes down well! This is one gift we would certainly appreciate ourselves!

coffee machine with pods and mugs gift set

Personalized garden pots

There are so many things that can be personalized these days, however, we can safely say we haven’t seen cool pots like these before!

personalized pots with plants inside

Takeout menus folder

Moving to a new area can be wonderfully exiting. However, if it’s not somewhere you are previously familiar with, knowing all the good places to order takeout from can be tricky! Instead of endless trial and error that could lead to disappointments, why not gift your newly-moved loved ones with a folder full of menus! We love this useful idea!

takeout menus folder practical housewarming gifts

Useful Housewarming Gifts

Personalized serving trays

Serving trays are something that you don’t always realize you need. They come in handy for so many different things! To make this gift more special, you could load up a tray with goodies.

two serving trays with writing on them

Kitchen utensils gift set

Unpacking endless boxes can take a lot of time. Often things get misplaced and it sucks when this happens with kitchen items! You want to cook yourself a decent meal but you just can’t find your trusty spatula. This awesome kitchen gift set is super practical and thoughtful!

kitchen utensils gift set

Door wreath with house number

Front door wreaths are a fantastic way to get creative. The design possibilities are never ending! This is a cool way of letting new homeowners put their own stamp on the outdoors of their home. Everyone tends to focus on the indoors, so this is definitely a more unique gift!

door wreath with flowers and 150 on it

Cleaning products hamper

Never underestimate how much people appreciate cleaning products and household essentials! You are removing the hassle of having to purchase these things which we personally think is great.

hamper full of cleaning products

Bucket load of DIY tools

When thinking of household essentials, most people think of cleaning products which is great. However, how many times have you needed a torch, hammer, or screwdriver but have been unable to locate one? This handy bucket of practical goodies is a fantastic idea in our opinion!

bucket filled with torch hammer glue plug socket tape measure

Wine towels, soap and candle

Baskets and hampers always make for practical housewarming gift ideas. You can personalize them in so many different ways! Wine, candles and soaps are generally a safe bet. For a bonus, make a nice gift tag that really shows the effort that has gone into your basket.

basket filled with wine towels soap and candle