New Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Is Mixed With Whoppers Cookie Bits

If you’re a chocolate lover, getting a bar of Hershey’s and a box of Whoppers can instantly brighten up your day. But what if we told you that you can now have the best of both worlds in just a single bar? How sweet is that, right? Yes, friends, Hershey’s are teaming up with Whoppers once again to make our chocolate dreams come true. The new Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Whoppers Bar is definitely a match made in heaven! And right now, we can’t think of a more iconic duo than these two.


Snackfluencer Markie Devo was the first to break the sweet news on his Instagram page. However, this creamy-crunchy mashup is not really entirely new. In fact, Hershey’s already partnered with Whoppers back in 2005 for its Twosomes line. Major props to self-proclaimed candy/junk food historian @collectingcandy for debunking rumors stating that this was the first collaboration between the two brands. He sure does know his facts.


So, if you weren’t able to score yourself a bar of Hershey’s Whoppers TwoSomes back then, well now is your chance. The chocolate brand has more in store for us. According to the same post from Markie Devo, Hershey’s is also dropping an Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar. Both variants will be available exclusively at Walmart by the end of September.

True enough, another Instagram user, @snacksfromaround, seems to be having the luckiest week of her life as she gets her hands on not one but two new Hershey’s bars. #SnackHuntingGoals. As per her posts, the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Whoppers Bar indeed consists of milk chocolate with malt-flavored cookie bits. Meanwhile, the Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar is, well, creamier than the regular one.

Better start scouting all Walmart stores in your area to get your hands on these delightful treats!