Designer Creates Her Cats A Mid-Century Modern Style Cardboard House And They Love It

If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your quarantine, this DIY project will surely keep you occupied and productive at the same time. If you’re done making cardboard tanks for your cats then you may want to make a cardboard cat house next. You can buy expensive cat condos and indoor houses for your precious kitties. But they always go back to the thing they love the most – cardboard boxes. Indeed, cats love spending time in cardboard boxes. Some owners also feel frustrated to see their feline pets ditching their lavish cat condos for an Amazon box.

But why are cats so obsessed with boxes? The most well-known reason is that cats feel comfortable and safe in enclosed spaces. Boxes serve as ideal hiding places because they feel intruders can’t sneak up on them from behind or the sides. Furthermore, cardboard provides insulation that keeps your favorite felines regulate their body temperature. The scent of cardboard also has a soothing effect on felines. Since cardboard paper is made from tree pulp, the smell may remind them of the wooded areas they desire the most. For these reasons, a Seattle-based graphic designer decided to hand-craft a cardboard house for her two kitties.


A graphic designer builds a cat house made from cardboard boxes

cardboard cat house
The Green Mad House

Gentry Sanders is a proud owner of two floofers named Huckleberry and Floyd. Just like any other domestic kitties, Huckleberry and Floyd love to play inside package boxes. So, Sanders came up with an idea of crafting a cat house made from boxes. She turned old package boxes into an elegant feline abode in the form of a mid-century modern house. After planning the design for the cat house, she prepared all the necessary supplies to complete the project. These include a measuring tape, metal ruler, exacto knife, glue, tape and craft paint.


Huckleberry and Floyd Love Spending Time Inside Boxes

Based on her design, she draws the windows, doors, roof line and any other features that need to be cut from the main house. Then she uses the exacto knife to cut the shapes out. She attaches the fireplace, roof, steps and planters to the cardboard house with glue and secures them in place with tape. After constructing the house, she spray paints every surface with a base paint as an initial coating. Then she finishes it off with craft paints to paint in the details.


The final design for the cardboard house

gentry sanders diy kitty abode design
The Green Mad House


The making of the ‘Mid Century Meow-nor’

huckleberry and floyd gentry sanders
The Green Mad House


cardboard cat house gentry sanders
The Green Mad House

Sanders called her creation Mid Century Meow-nor which was inspired by mid-century modern architecture. Geometric lines, flat planes, large windows and angular roofs generally are the popular styles from the 1930s through the 1960s. The stylish cat house is indeed a stunning work of art. But did Huckleberry and Floyd like it?


“Huckleberry has slept in it all day while I have been working and Floyd put his catnip banana inside so it has gotten the Cat Seal of Approval.”, Sanders says.

mid-century modern design cardboard cat house
The Green Mad House


cardboard cat house mid-century modern style
The Green Mad House


huckleberry and floyd kitty abode
The Green Mad House

If you have cats and some unused boxes scattered around (and a lot of free time on your hands) then you already know what to do. The good news is, Sanders published a step-by-step guide on how to make the cardboard cat house on her blog. All you need is a little creativity and a bit of patience to make the comfiest abode for your beloved felines.

Source: The Green Mad House