This Secret Underground Bunker Home For Millionaires Is Amazing


For most of us, emergency planning involves a box of candlesticks and some tinned food. But for those with money to burn, well, why not install an entire bunker home below your regular one? Like the one by Atlas Survival Shelter in the below pictures. The only evidence of the secret bunker from above ground is an unassuming man hole. But once you've descended the steep set of stairs, you'll find everything is set up so you can survive for ages in the event of a zombie apocalypse or World War 3. Check it out! 

Website: AtlasSurvivalShelters


It's built into the ground under/around your home.


Here is one layout Atlas provides. They all come with a generator pod.


The 4 Family Colony layout.


The piping that makes up the shelter before it is installed underground.


The unassuming entranceway.


The stairs down into the shelter are pitched at 30 degrees so gamma radiation can be deflected.


Welcome underground!


Check out the comfy living room…


…and the master suite!


Here are the bunk beds…


…With a place to store all your important survival stuff.


There's an escape hatch!



And a fully working kitchen.


Dining area.



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