A Dog Onesie Exists Which Helps Shield Your House From Shedding And As A Bonus Helps Reduce Their Anxiety

Having a furry dog for a pet is nothing but total bliss. Well, except for one thing – they shed a lot of hair. Shedding is a normal process for dogs. When their hair stops growing, they will lose it by shedding to give way for new hair growth. And the cycle continues. Depending on the breed, health condition, and climate, a dog may shed more frequently than usual. No matter how we love our dogs, cleaning up a lot of fur scattered all over the house can be taxing at times. There’s no way to totally stop a dog’s natural process of shedding. But there’s a way to save ourselves from the tedious chore of picking up their failing hair. Introducing the Shed Defender, a dog onesie that can solve this particular problem.

shed defender dog onesie purple

The Shed Defender Dog Onesie is made from eco-friendly, high-quality fabric. A comfortable clothing for dogs, the four-way stretch fabric is breathable and lightweight which allows your pet to move freely. Take note that this dog onesie won’t prevent your dog from shedding. Rather, the veterinarian-approved fabric will contain falling hair within, thus reducing the amount of fur they leave behind. Apart from its shed-control property, the Shed Defender can also help reduce your dog’s anxiety. It gives your dog a perfect fit with a gentle pressure that gives a calming effect. Furthermore, it can be a great alternative to medical cones. It snuggly covers up surgical sites, injury spots, and areas afflicted with skin diseases while preventing your dog from scratching these areas.

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shed defender dog onesie for all breeds

But wait, there’s more. Even hairless dogs could also benefit from this dog onesie. There are actually some breeds of dogs that are naturally bald. Without thick fur to keep them warm in cold weather, this could be a problem to them. But having them wear the Shed Defender can protect them against icy weather. Additionally, the suit can also protect them from the harmful UV rays especially if your pet enjoys a regular stroll under the sun. Not to mention that it could also protect them from acquiring fleas and ticks in the outdoors.

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shed defender dog onesie veterinarian-approved

The Shed Defender is available in different colors and sizes. Get yours today!

Here are some positive reviews from satisfied customers:

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shed defender dog onesie comment chrisRemember that the outcome depends on how your dog feels about the suit. And there’s no actually telling until you’ve let your dog wear it. If your dog seems comfortable with the suit then it’s actually worth your every penny. But if you notice any sign of discomfort on your pet, don’t force it to wear the suit. In this case, you may need to consult a vet to find out other medical alternatives to minimize shedding.
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