This Bed And Breakfast Hotel Is Every Beagle Lovers Dream Place To Stay

Are you often traveling on a budget? That doesn’t mean you need to let go of comforts and settle for a doghouse. Rather, you would want to sleep comfortably in a beagle shaped hotel. Yes, that exists, and it’s called the Dog Bark Park Inn.

For only $100, you can already stay in this dog-themed place for one night. Once you get there, you could say it’s adorable! It’s kind of quirky, but at least this bed-and-breakfast belongs to individuals, not a corp. In fact, they’re a married couple, and both are artists! They’re Dennis J. Sullivan and Frances Conklin.

After Dennis built the beagle shaped hotel, the couple finally opened it in 2003. The cute structure has a nickname, too. It’s ‘Sweet Willy’.

adorable beagle shaped hotel dog bark park inn

Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin own a beagle shaped hotel named the Dog Bark Park Inn. With amazing amenities, it has won many awards.

One of the awards brought home by the unique inn was from Trip Advisor. It was the 2016 Center of Excellence award. If you come and visit the place, you’d quickly find out why. Once booked, you can access all of Sweet Willy. This includes two bedrooms and a bathroom. In fact, one of the bedrooms has a must-visit location — the dog’s nose.

Moreover, the inn serves a sumptuous breakfast. That’s thanks to Frances with her delish family recipes. Frances explained in an interview with Huffington Post that guests can avail of an “extended” breakfast. This means you can take your fill of bagels, cereal, yogurt, and even Frances’ garden-fresh quiches and homemade granola.

toby small beagle shaped hotel dog bark park inn

If you’re looking for a unique inn to relax and unplug, this is it! Yes, the Dog Bark Park Inn has no phones or TV. Dennis and Frances would like you to enjoy the outside during your stay. Take a walk around the gardens, and you’ll see Toby, the smaller beagle. Also, you might come across their portable toilet in the shape of a hydrant.

Interested? Well, the reservations can fill up pretty quickly. So, don’t miss your spot among the limited accommodations. Freely bring your pets as they are also welcome!

closer view of beagle shaped hotel dog bark park inn

Here’s the room inside the nose of the beagle.

room inside dog's nose beagle shaped hotel dog bark park inn

And be sure to visit the portable toilet within this hydrant!

portable toilet in hydrant beagle shaped hotel dog bark park inn

Source: Dog Bark Park Inn