Brilliant And Useful Inventions That Would Make Your Day To Day Life Easier

Some people feel that with the advancement of technology we have all become too lazy. This may be somewhat true, however, it’s also fair to say that many of us lead extremely busy lives so if there’s something we can do to make things easier for ourselves and give us extra free time for other more important things, we’re interested. It seems that everyone is trying to make a quick buck off of a shoddy invention these days, but, there are actually some out there that are useful! Take a look below at a few examples! 

Finding a car parking space can be a serious pain in the backside! With this simple lighting system, people could save so much time.

This handy tool is a must have for avocado lovers!

Often finding yourself in unfortunate situations where you have to sleep in your car? Make the experience more comfortable with a backseat mattress! 

Quickly and easily slice your bananas with this simple gadget! 

This book holder is ideal for the outdoors when you want to be hands free. 

With this awesome knife cutter/holder no one can complain that their slice is smaller than someone else’s! Perfect even pieces every time! 

This frying pan with separate areas makes for easier cooking! 

This cool invention lets you take measurements with your fingers! 

Here you have a bowl and a colander in one! It’s ideal for washing fruit! 

Prevent things from going stale using this heat sealer! It’s also handy for convincing your partner that you didn’t open something! 

A mirror and an ironing board in one! What a practical idea! 

No need to fumble around looking for your keys with this handy device. 

If you’re someone who often paints their nails, this nail polish holder could come in handy! 

Spillage will become a thing of the past with this simple bag holder! 

Although it is true that some of these inventions are fairly complex, we love that some of the simpler ones are actually the most useful! It just goes to show that you don’t always have to over complicate things to come up with a good idea. Keep going to see a bookmark that ensures you never lose your place, a salad grabber that makes much more sense than a plain old spoon and a popcorn bowl the gets rid of those nasty kernels that you’re always accidentally chomping on! 

This cool set has a clever section for cleaning the brush! 

We honestly can’t believe that this invention hasn’t taken off! Every household needs one! 

Remove the risk of your drinks slipping into your bath or onto the floor with these handy cup and glass holders! 

Eating a popcorn kernel can be so annoying. This bowl is designed so that all kernels fall to the bottom and stay there. Awesome!

Most people like to get to the end of a page before slotting in their bookmark. But, there are some situations where you simply don’t have the time. That’s where this little invention could save the day! 

Print photos from your smartphone quickly and easily with this pocket sized printer! 

Removing the core of a pepper has never been so easy with this useful device. 

Silicone tea infusers are the way forward! 

Transform your tap into a drinking fountain with this handy and easy to use attachment! 

Be sure that your toast is cooked just how you like it with this see through toaster! 

Batteries with USB ports for when you need an emergency charge! 

This USB device has an adorable mini camera installed! 

This waterproof speaker that uses Bluetooth is perfect for those who like to sing in the shower. 

Yolk separating only ever goes smoothly with this fish themed separator!