11 Talents Introverts Have But Might Not Realize


Being an introvert is often seen by the general public as being less desirable than being an extrovert. But, the truth is that neither is better than the other, they're just different and each has its pros and cons. The thing about introverts is that they can be more unassuming and might not realize the myriad of talents that they possess. That's why we're sharing this list of eleven talents introverts may not realize they have. Take a look!


You always think about what you say before you say it, which is rare in this day and age.


You can surprise people when you decide you feel like chatting, or when you just blurt out something extremely insightful.introvert-talents-surprise


You might not always be the most assertive, but you actually have excellent leadership skills as you consider things carefully and think about the needs of others when making a decision.


You have excellent observational skills, which means you often get what's going on under the surface of things long before anyone else does.



You can keep a secret no problem, so your friends find you to be the most trustworthy person they know.


You don't waste money on just any old thing, since you're happy to stay home and do your thing rather than going out and blowing your cash just because you're bored.


You're a great listener, which means you're a good friend to have.


You know yourself well because of all the thinking you do.


You tend to have intellectual or creative hobbies, as solitary pursuits are often things like reading, writing, art and music. This makes you a super interesting person to be around.


You have an awesome ability to just get on and do your own thing, as you don't feel the need for constant external validation.


You can enjoy your own company indefinitely and rarely get bored on your own.

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