Disney World’s $1 Billion Star Wars Land Is Nearly Complete

Are you ready to explore other worlds on the edge of the galaxy? Star Wars Land is the newest addition to the Disney World and the theme park looks so astounding. Star Wars fanatics are so looking forward to December 2019. It’s not because of the holiday season. But it is because the 9th and final episode of the Star Wars film franchise will hit theaters come December 19. The year 2019 indeed will go down as the finale point of major movie franchises. How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Avengers: Endgame have recently met their conclusion. X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Toy Story 4 will also mark their own respective finales this June. And to end the 2019 with a blast, Star Wars is also releasing its final installment of the space saga.

Aerial shot of the entire Star Wars Land in Disneyland

Hardcore fans are both excited and saddened to watch how the Skywalker saga would end. But the last movie isn’t the only thing that Disney has to offer this year. Disney World will soon be unveiling the Star Wars Land, a 14-acre theme park based on the movie franchise. The new theme park is called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as it brings the Black Spire Outpost to life. In the story, this outpost is located on planet Batuu, on the edge of the Outer Rim Territories. This infamous outpost serves as a spaceport for rogue traders, smugglers, and space travelers who are looking for adventures. It also served as a hideout for the members of the Resistance to escape the threats of the First Order.





The construction of the Star Wars Land in Disneyland is said to cost $1 billion. It is scheduled to open its gate to the public on May 31 in Disneyland California. And the other Star Wars Land will also open in Disneyland Orlando on August 29. Fans are expected to flock the new theme park at the opening. But before that day comes, several aerial photos of the theme park have already surfaced on social media. Although the park is still under construction, the structures appear to be the exact replication of the Black Spire. Surprisingly, photos also reveal a replica of the Millennium Falcon in the middle of the vast outpost. It’s only fitting to include this iconic starship because it actually landed on the outpost after the Battle of Crait.



To make the replica complete, Star Wars Land also includes Oga’s Cantina (bar) and Ronto Roasters (restaurant). So, visitors can experience dining Black Spire-style. Of course, expect to see some thrilling rides and exciting attractions while you’re there. Visiting Star Wars Land on low-demand days will cost you a hefty $104 though. But considering all the experience and fun, it’s totally all worth it. Holidays, weekends, and prime-time tickets will cost $149.

Source: Twitter | Bioreconstruct