The Creepiest Alternative To A Chocolate Egg This Easter


We all know what Easter is supposed to be about, but now its more like a contest to see who can eat the most chocolate eggs. Now, we don't want to offend the Easter Bunny, but chocolate eggs are sooo 2014, yet what's the alternative? Why, an exact replica of your face made out of chocolate, of course! Wait…. what?! Bompas & Parr, the company behind these unusual Easter gifts, use the latest in 3D scanning and printing technology to create each one. Your photo is analyzed by a high resolution scanner, which is able to make a 3D rendering of your face. This rendering is then 3D printed to make a mould, which is in turn used to make the chocolate version of your face. It's all a bit complex and a little creepy, but extremely tasty, we'd imagine!

Website: Bompas & Parr


Bompas & Parr



Bompas & Parr


This is essentially like having your own chocolate death mask. Although, we bet it's oddly satisfying to crack open your own face on Easter morning!