Makeup Artist Dain Yoon Is Amazing At Creating Illusions On Her Face And It Really Messes With People’s Minds

There’s a fine line between illusion and reality. And sometimes, it gets hard to tell them apart. So, it’s not uncommon for artists to capitalize on this very line for their masterpieces. Take for instance Korean makeup artist Dain Yoon. This artist uses her own face as her canvass for her head-turning and mind-blowing makeup looks. Brace yourself for some trippy visuals coming your way.

To be honest, calling Yoon a “makeup artist” is quite an understatement. Because unlike typical makeup artists, she goes beyond creating on-fleek brows, perfect winged liners, and fuller lips. Instead, she creates visual repetitions, subtle smudges, and intricately painted details to turn her selfies into enchanting optical illusions. Although most of her looks are quite out of this world, they’re somehow oddly satisfying to look at.



The talented artist started painting at a very young age. And according to her, it was what she was best at. It’s no surprise that she graduated at the top of her class from two of Korea’s most prestigious art schools. Yoon also revealed her fascination with illusions.

“The reason I started to paint illusions is that I believe people live in illusions. People perceive everything in their own subjective way. My illusions distort reality and perception that are generally shared by most people.”




For the artist, the face is the strongest and most sensitive part of the body that’s able to convey delicate emotions



Yoon further explained that, contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t perceive illusions as a means of deception.

“I think that anything that seems slightly different from its original form could be an illusion or take you out of the illusion you’re living in.”




As such, most, if not all, of her works revolve around creating different looks for the face




Each look takes about 3 to 12 hours to complete



Yoon revealed that it also took her a while before she found her own style. She also studied scenography which paved the way for her theatrical career.

“Since I was a freshman, I’ve done many part-time jobs that I was interested in: stylist, teacher, graphic designer, film assistant, movie makeup, theater makeup, musical costume, model, etc. After I did many part-time jobs, I mixed all those together that I enjoyed doing. It really helped me to find my own art style.”




From double visions, visual repetitions, to chilling camouflages…





Dain Yoon’s eccentric looks will surely leave anyone doubting their own eyes





Source: Dain Yoon Website | Instagram