8 Major Differences Between Being Wise And Being Smart


The difference between being smart and being wise might just sound like a question of semantics, but really there’s much more to it than that! Smart people focus absorbing as much knowledge as possible and showing the world that they’re cleverer than average, whereas wise people also find knowledge within and aren’t so focussed on showing it off. Of course, a smart person can become a wise person if they’re willing to make a few changes and put in some effort. These eight graphics show the major differences between being wise and being smart. Take a look and see for yourself!



If you’re wise, keeping up with the latest trends shouldn’t bother you too much.


Solving problems yourself is all very well, but what about inspiring others to solve problems, too.


The way you process information can make a big difference.


Wise people know their opinions aren’t the only important ones and are willing to admit if they were wrong.


Wise people know their own judgement can sometimes be more important than facts.


Sometimes you have to accept that others will have different opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.


It’s important to really understand what you learn, not just be able to regurgitate dry facts.


It’s good to have confidence in yourself, but you should also know how to be humble and realize that you can make mistakes and always have more to learn.

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