French Artist Scaf Creates Realistic Graffiti Art That Appears To Come Off The Canvas

For street artists, the perfect canvas can be found almost anywhere. This talented French artist, for instance, uses abandoned buildings to create realistic graffiti art. So, what used to be considered as an illegal act of visual expression is now regarded as a reputable work of art. Over the years, graffiti has gradually shifted from its antisocial behavior into an expressive art form. Although many graffiti pieces today still serve as political statements, some street artists prefer to use their skills to express their artistry rather than to use it for social criticism.

French street artist Scaf transforms abandoned houses and factories into huge canvases for his graffiti art. Unlike mere vandals who illegally deface properties, Scaf does the opposite by adding extra value to uninhabited and sometimes decrepit buildings. True, we’ve seen a lot of incredible murals before. But the most amazing thing about Scaf’s creations is his clever use of extreme details and super realistic style.


French Artist Scaf Interacts With His Realistic Graffiti Art

From ferocious snakes and dinosaurs to lifelike skeletons and pop culture references, the images seem to emerge from two-dimensional surfaces. Amusingly, Scaf interacts with his art to make his graffiti art more convincing to the eyes. He can be seen sitting next to a baby elephant, grappling with a giant snake and goofing around with Spiderman. Indeed, his presence next to the images adds a humorous and compelling touch to the artwork.


So, this piece features super cute elephant


while this one features a man eating snake!


This art is so cool and fans of Spiderman will love it

Scaf adds in every detail to make his graffiti art as lifelike as possible. So, his use of shadows, highlights, angles and perspective allows him to create anamorphic illusions that are mind-blowing. And it’s only natural to assume that the talented street artist went to art school. But that’s not actually the case.


“I did not study art. I started 18 years ago in abandoned factories and the street. It was a school friend who transmitted this passion to me.” he said.




His love for street art inspired him to start his own company Grafo Deco where he offers services to private clients. You can check out his Instagram page to see his portfolio of realistic art. Or you can follow his page, along with his 125k followers, to see his latest creations and here are some of his best works so far.



This graffiti will turn you into a lion tamer!


And, dinosaurs seem to be a popular theme in his artwork to because he uses skeletons and cute little dinos in his graffiti pieces


This piece is called my king and the snake looks so cool!


The artist even uses current events as inspiration for his work.





So, some of his creations are also very unique, this one is called “Pinch Me”.



With this one you can have a drink with a wild animal


While this one looks carved into the wall


Say Cheeese



Here is a piece that actually uses his body to create the illusion because that hole in his body looks so real.


We love this shark one it actually looks like he is swimming with a shark


and this one is super cool to!





But this piece will be preciousss to any Lord of the Rings fan








Here the artist and Winnie have a little crisis!



Seems like he likes to dress up for his graffiti photos to


While this one is little scary


Some of his art is even based on games


And, here is another snake piece and this one looks like it has bitten his arm!


Lastly here is another interactive piece of art


So, which piece of realistic graffiti art is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for any cool graffiti art on your travels!

Source: Instagram | Website