These Stylish 3D Rugs Resemble Different Landscapes That Bring Your Living Room To The Next Level

We’re now living in an era where plain rugs just don’t cut it anymore. So, transform your homes into an enchanting woodland with these Little Forest 3D Rugs. We’ve found this particular shop on Aliexpress that creates floor mats which are beautifully designed to look like enchanted forests from a birds-eye view. Each rug comes complete with lush trees in various hues, bushes and also includes a lake. It’s like a downsized patch of an actual forest featuring incredible colors and amazing details.

These handmade rugs are made from wool imported from Turkey giving you that super soft texture. Each carpet features a 3D pattern representing different areas of a beautiful forest. So, these are actually not your typically flat floor mats as the surface comes in varying thickness. Areas for the trees and bushes are thicker while the grassland and lake are completely flat.


Little Forest 3D Rugs

little forest 3d rugs

The store offers these rugs in two styles – Nordic and Pastoral. Nordic style floor mats feature a synthesis of lively colors ranging from dark green to bright yellow. But if you want something mellower then the Pastoral style carpets are for you. This particular style features a more serene design in various shades of green. Both styles are available in two shapes – circular and rectangular. Furthermore, you can also choose from different sizes.


Nordic Style Wool Carpets

nordic style little forest 3d rugs


rectangular nordic style floor mat


wool carpet nature inspired design


Pastoral Style Wool Carpets

pastoral syle nature-inspired carpet


rectangular pastoral style carpet


little forest 3d rugs greenery

The circular Nordic style carpet comes in 55 inches x 79 inches, 59 inches x 90 inches and 63 inches x 94 inches. Meanwhile, the rectangular Nordic style mat is only available in 60 inches x 71 inches size. The circular Pastoral style carpet are available in 23 inches x 31 inches and 39 inches x 39 inches sizes. And the rectangular Pastoral style carpet comes in 23 inches x 71 inches size. All these rugs have anti-slip bottoms to keep them in place even on a slippery floor.

nature-inspired floor mat anti slip bottom


ultimate playroom carpet with wooden duck toys


nature-inspired bedroom carpet


soft thick carpet high density


little forest 3d rugs rectangular shape

These rugs will make a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom or study room. They also make the ideal playroom carpet for your kids so they can play with their toys and explore the tiny forest together. Add a touch of natural beauty into your home and let these beautiful woven carpets transport you to a calm, dreamy forest.

little forest 3d rugs bedroom


little forest 3d rugs pattern


colorful nordic style floor mat


little forest 3d rugs pastoral style


little forest 3d rugs trees lake


super soft nature-inspired floor carpet

Source: AliExpress | Nordic | Pastoral