This Awesome Dad Slaved For 18 Months To Create An Amazing Fairy Tree For His Daughter’s Bedroom

Many little girls would love to have a fairy tree in their bedroom. But, how many little girls are lucky enough to have a dad who can actually offer them a fairy’s paradise? Probably not many, but here we present one such dad who nailed it. Complete with a realistic-looking, climbable tree that can support the weight of 3 adults, Reddit user ‘radamshome’ spent 350 hours and $4250 on the awesome tree structure you will see below.

Made of concrete and rebar, the dad, who works in the video gaming industry, took a welding course so he could make the tree skeleton structurally sound.

The room prior to the transformation…

…and after!

First, this super dad had to do some careful planning and sketching.

He even took a welding course so that he could complete the tree’s skeleton.

At this point, he’s already spent 120 hours on the project!

The rebar skeleton was covered in a wire ‘skin’.

Cement was used for the tree trunk, and paper mache for the branches.

The dad used to paint miniatures and used the same technique on the tree.

Lights, capable of being dimmed, were wound into the tree’s branches.

The decorations were found from a local supply store.

And, voila! This girl must have been over the moon!

A dream come true!


Source: reddit