14 Ideas For Unforgettable Groom And Groomsmen Photos


Don't let the wedding industrial complex tell you that it's only women who get to enjoy their wedding day, men can have just as much fun. Instead of spending time with your beloved new bride, why not hang out with your boys taking ridiculous photos? What better way to spend the happiest day of your life than jumping up and down with your groomsmen or running away from endangered species? Some of these ideas could make excellent wedding photo ideas for the groom and his groomsmen. 


Your wedding day is the best time to reveal your secret identity, whatever that may be. Your new bride will get a surprise when she looks through the wedding photos!

Jason + Gina


Make everyone put of shades and laugh. Get one of your friends to try to lick you. Aren't weddings fun?!

D Park Photography


A picture of you and your groomsmen standing by a barn with your pants down is clearly the right note on which to start your married life.

Jason + Gina


Find a child and get it to stand in the foreground of all your wedding photos. People like children, so this will be a nice touch.

Jo Photo


Take a photo like this so you can use it to convince your future offspring you used to have seven heads.

Wedding Elation


If you choose to take a photo of you and your groomsmen jumping in the air, be sure to do so in the middle of a road. It adds a much-needed touch of danger to the proceedings.

The R2 Studio



After you're wed, your buddies will naturally want to lift you up in the air, but remember to look confused.

Bella Gala


It's great to have high-quality wedding photos, but if you don't like your face or the faces of your groomsmen, simply ask your photographer to cut them out. Problem solved.

The Bach


If you're worried your wedding photos will be boring, get your hands on some dinosaurs to liven up the shots. The bigger and scarier the better.



Weddings can be tiring. Sitting down on a couch with your pals is much better than socializing with your closest friends and family members.

Lorusso Studios


Head to an industrial area for some chic wedding photos with your boys.

Jen Lynn Photography


Taking photos of you and your friends chugging beers is the best way to convince your new wife you're ready to settle down.



Instead of taking wedding photos, why not use the down time between your ceremony and reception to start a boy band and take some promo shots?

Lindy Truter


There's no better way to look cool than sitting at a bar.

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