This Company Has All Sorts Of Sword-Shaped Key Designs Taking Your Battle With Unlocking Doors To The Next Level

Geeks are going to love these sword keys inspired by their favorite fantasy movies and video games. If you were amazed by our previously featured sword-shaped key then you’re going to love this line of geeky house keys even more. Not only does this company offer more designs to choose from. But it also aims to grant your lifelong dream of unlocking your doors like your favorite hero.

Hero’s Armory is a company that specializes in forging creating keys inspired by legendary swordsmen from movies and video games. Some of the designs are inspired by Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, ThunderCats, Kingdom Hearts and many more. Each one is superbly designed to replicate the sword of your favorite hero. It is compatible with most houses, apartments, offices and more. Now you can unlock your doors like a swordsman while you unlock the hero within you.


Sword Keys

heros armory sword keys combo

Take note that these keys come as key blanks. While the handle features an accurate replica, the key blade itself has not been cut to a specific bitting. Once you receive your key blank, you’ll need to get it cut at your local locksmith. There are two common types of keyways in the United States – Kwikset and Schlage. So it’s highly likely that your key is one of these two, especially if you’re living in the US.

hero armory sword keys


sword of energy


heros armory geeky housekeys

To determine the type of keyway you’re using, look at the head of your existing key. Kwikset keys have a round head with three holes at the top. On the other hand, Schlage keys have an edgy head with a single hole at top. Aside from the shape, you can also easily identify your keyway through the engraving on the head. KW1 denotes a Kwikset key while SC1 denotes a Schlage key.

Furthermore, you can also distinguish these two types by looking at the grooves (indents) on your key. Kwikset keys have two grooves while Schlage keys only have one groove. If your key doesn’t match any of these descriptions, it’s very likely that your key is entirely different. And the keys may not be compatible with your lock.

the key of light


the key of darkness


zelda inspired housekey


sword of energy schlage


sword keys inspired by fantasy movies games


heros armory sword keys


heros armory the boss key


kingdom hearts inspired housekeys


narsil sword key


sword keys blank


eye of thundera


crossguard laser key


sword keys combo


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Check out Hero’s Armory website to browse its entire catalog. The company offers each individual key for $12.99 and also offers combo packages ranging from $24.99 to $44.99.

Source: Hero’s Armory