This Key Holder Is A Scaled-Down Replica Of The Front Door From ‘Friends’

The purple door along with its yellow frame around the peephole is recognizable to any fan of Friends. Now you can bring the iconic door into your home with this wall key holder that features a scale replica of Monica’s door. This handmade piece of functional décor features an exact replica of the original door up to the last detail. Aside from the purple color and the yellow peephole frame, it also includes the apartment call speaker, chain lock, light switches and even the deadbolt lock system of the actual door. It also has the décor pieces including the mini star mirror and the picture frame hanging below it.

But this scale replica is more than just a décor inspired by the TV show. This ornamental key holder can hold up to 6 sets of keys as a tribute to the 6 main characters of the popular show. In addition to the 6 key holders, it also has a small shelf where you can store your sunglasses, purses and other small items.


This wall-mounted key holder features an exact replica of Monica’s purple door from Friends

friends door scale replica wall key holder

A perfect gift for those who love the show, this wall-mounted key holder is made with MDF sheet, resin, certified hardwood and metal. It measures 11.6 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Take note that this item is a bestseller and it usually sells out quickly each time they put up a new one. So, your best chance is to check the shop regularly to see if there’s one up for sale. And since this scale replica ships from Brazil, delivery may take longer than usual. But waiting should be worth it considering how perfect this decorative key holder is. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I love this! So beautiful and so much attention to detail! Great quality, just amazing piece of art. Great gift idea to Friends fan!”

friends door scale replica key holder


friends door scale replica wall key holder detail


monica purple door replica key holder


monica purple door replica wall key holder

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Source: Etsy