People Share What It’s Like Being A Pathological Liar

Most of us will admit we tell the odd lie here and there. Some people will do it more than others and the complexity and seriousness of these lies will always vary. However, there are some people who do it constantly, often without remorse or worry for the consequences. Here we have a selection of images where people share what it’s like being a pathological liar. To some of these people, lying is just a way of living life but for others, the struggles are overwhelming. Take a look!
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You lose sight of what’s real and what’s not sometimes.

Is being a pathological liar being one’s true self or is it just a way of manipulating others?

Realizing what’s going on is the first step on the road to getting better. 

When things are going your way, it’s difficult to want to be honest. 

Some people lie comfortably, whilst others feel the pressure. 

It sounds like this person could benefit from some counselling. 

You often end up in a big, confusing web of lies. 

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Not all liars lie for bad reasons. Some people just want to feel accepted. 

It becomes a second nature to be dishonest…

You often become ‘the boy who cried wolf’…

Lying becomes an addiction that you can’t beat. 

Some people don’t have a desperate desire to change their ways. 

It’s really hard to break a lifelong habit! 

We hope that this person found some support. Change can be scary.