10 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Cool And Protect Them From The Heat This Summer


Nobody likes a hot dog. Not when it's of the complaining canine variety. Poor pooches can suffer during the summer months. While it's relatively easy for us humans to cool ourselves down, simply by removing some layers or indulging in ice cream for instance, dogs rely on us, their owners, to keep their temperatures regulated and in a safe zone. Here are ten easy ways you can help your best friend stay cool this summer. Check it out!


Never, EVER leave a dog in a car during the summer, even for a little while.


DIY frozen apple dog treats. Instructions here.


Bring a small water bottle on walks for when they're really panting.


Buy a kiddie pool for your pooches to splash around in.



Make your dog its own cooling bed. Instructions here.


Try these home made 'pupsicles'. Instructions here.


Or make this delicious-for-your-dog homemade ice cream. Instructions here.


Instead of giving them bones, try frozen carrots.


Make this awesome doggy ice lick. Instructions here.


And finally, walk your dog at dusk or dawn to help him stay cooler.

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