Horrifying Confessions About Paranormal Experiences That Will Keep You Awake

For some strange reasons, some people just love to watch movies about ghosts and haunted houses, but still enjoy the adrenaline despite being aware of how frightening it can be. On the other hand, whether they believe in these kinds of creatures or not, some of them may have already experienced the same horror even beyond the big screen. As a matter of fact, their experiences can be a lot scarier than what can be seen on movies. Having said that, here are some insane paranormal experiences that will probably make you want to stay awake at night.

#1 Sometimes our thoughts are just overthinking things. But whatever that was, I’m sure you were also curious and scared at the same time.

#2 Maybe you would want to consider moving to another address before things get worse.

#3 OMG! That freaked me out!

#4 Indeed, to see is to believe

#5 Goosebumps overload! Try asking some paranormal experts.

#6 Coincidence or not, try investigating further because it can be the smell of something but supernatural entities.

#7 They must have had it checked already, as for you, it’s a good thing that you’re on a safer place now.

#9 Oh well, due to so much stress at work, we tend to be hearing things. As long as it doesn’t happen anymore, you’re good.

#10 There are things that may happen coincidentally, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

#11 We all get that kind of feeling sometimes, I guess? But it doesn’t necessarily follow that our feelings are correct.

#12 It’s that kind of childhood memory you would just want to forget for the rest of your life.

#13 Okay, I think it’s time for you to stick to the usual games that children play.

#14 You might want to stick to the idea that it was just your imagination. After all, you would not want it the other way, right?

#15 I, for one is curious of what does it mean. Perhaps it was trying to guard you.

#16 Nope, wouldn’t want to be in that house either. Hearing these kinds of stories makes want to sleep with my mom.

What can you say about these terrifying confessions? Have you experienced a similar situation like these? Share us your story.