A Fruity Pebbles Chocolate Rabbit Will Hop On Shelves For Easter 2021

I think we can all agree that Fruity Pebbles is one of our most beloved cereals of all time. A heaping bowl of this multi-color, fruity cereal is always a welcome sight! But come next year, a new cereal-filled treat will come a-hopping into our baskets in spring because Kellogg’s and Frankford Candy will be releasing a new candy rabbit. This adorable offering follows after the success of the Froot Loops White Chocolate-Flavored Bunny that came out for Easter 2020. And now we’ve got another hoppin’ sweet treat to look forward to!

You might think that this announcement is way too early. But we certainly appreciate the heads up, so we can plan our Easter basket contents beforehand. Neither brands have released any further information about the chocolate rabbit, but we’re pretty sure we can imagine what to expect from this upcoming Easter treat. Clearly, Frankford Candy and Kellogg’s have realized that combining technicolor fruit-flavored cereal with sweet white chocolate makes an irresistible treat. And we’re definitely more than happy to welcome it in our baskets and stashes in 2021!




This chocolate rabbit will be hopping on shelves for Easter 2021

“Let the Fruity Pebbles White Chocolate Rabbit hop into your Easter basket this year.”



Neither companies have released further information about the Easter treat. But judging from the image on Meijer, we can see that we’ll be expecting an adorable white bunny rabbit filled with fruity pieces. Kids and kids-at-heart will certainly love the fruity crunch that this cereal ‘n chocolate treat has got to offer.

This will definitely make an deliciously adorable companion to all the other Easter-themed treats you’ll be putting in your basket next year. We’re definitely looking forward to pairing this with Peeps marshmallows, because as we all know, the brand has frozen their production of treats until next year. Are you excited about this cerealicious treat?