You Can Get Grapes That Taste Like Cotton Candy

During these times, many of us often find ourselves seeking comfort in food while in quarantine. Sure, there’s no problem with that. However, it’s equally important to be mindful of what we consume. So, if you’ve been snacking on junk food and processed sweets for quite a while now, then it’s about time you find a healthier alternative. For starters, you could look into cotton candy grapes which are back on shelves again in time for the warmer days.

If this is your first time hearing about these unusual fruity treats, then you’re in for a sweet surprise. But to be clear, this is not another lame attempt to make junk food sound healthier. In fact, they’re actual grapes that taste exactly like our favorite spun sugar confection. And the best part? They’re a product of an all-natural process called cross-pollination. Basically, it involves extracting pollen from one flower and transferring it to the flower of another plant of the same species.


Cotton candy grapes get their flavor naturally, with no artificial sweeteners nor extra chemicals added


So, you can happily snack on them without feeling guilty

Grapes of this variety have been around for a while now, with multiple companies growing and distributing them. However, the ones that have recently hit the stores again are from Molina Group. Several happy shoppers took to Instagram to share the good news that these plump, green grapes are back on shelves. Some users spotted them at their local Costco stores, while others found them at Aldi and Sprouts. The seasonal grapes are sold per pound and normally come in plastic containers and resealable bags.

Having several locations offering these grapes only gives you more chance of snagging a bag or two for yourself. However, judging by their popularity, we’d suggest stocking up as soon as you find them in stores. Besides, they’re typically available until the end of July only, so that gives you roughly two months to hunt for them in your next grocery run.

Source: Molina Group