You Can Now Get Corgi Butt Leggings Because Why The Hell Not

Want to have the cutest booty ever? Then try these corgi butt leggings! There is nothing more irresistible than the fluffy patootie of a corgi dog. It is shaped like a heart and looks fluffy like a loaf of bread. There’s a lot to love about corgis but it’s actually their adorable buttocks that people find the most fascinating feature. As a matter of fact, corgi butts are slowly taking over the internet and more and more people are falling in love with them. We’ve previously featured the 3D corgi butt mouse pad much to the delight of all corgi fans. And if you still can’t get enough of this fad then we’ve got another one for you.

This Etsy shop specializes in making corgi-inspired products that can bring out the corgi-lover in you. Tote bags, pillows, mugs, phone cases and accessories, all feature high-definition printed corgi designs. In addition to these, the shop also offers a clothing line with corgi prints including t-shirts, short shorts, sweat pants and leggings. All the garments are cute but the corgi butt design definitely stands out. With the lovely heart-shaped rump printed at the back, the close-fitting leg garment will give you the cutest bum ever.


Corgi Butt Leggings

corgi butt leggings

These leggings are mid-waist skin-tight pants made from 82% polyester and 18% spandex with an elastic waistband. Each pair of leggings have four-way stretch, are precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing. These give optimum comfort with a soft and lightweight quality that will never lose it stretch. More importantly, the leggings feature a cute corgi booty printed at the back side. Perfect for a workout or as part of a casual outfit.

corgi butt leggings back side


corgi butt leggings funny back design


close-fitting tights dog buttocks design

The leggings are available in different sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large. And you can choose from two different colors – teal blue or black. Take note that the corgi design is only printed at the back while the front side is completely plain.

corgi butt leggings front side


close-fitting tights cute design


close-fitting tights funny back design


close-fitting tights for dog lovers

But if the idea of transforming your booty into a corgi is not for you then there are also other designs to choose from. There’s the legging with tiny images of corgi butts printed all over the garment. There’s also another one with a corgi butt print design on each side along with the text ‘Let’s take that for a run’. Or there is the Corgi Heaven Legging with three adorable corgis printed on each side.

close-fitting tights cute dog design


corgi butt leggings print

Ladies sure have a lot of choices to choose from. But is there something for men too? Of course, men adore corgi butts as much as ladies do. And the corgi butt track pants is made just for them.

track pants with corgi butt back design

Check out the Etsy shop to see all of its available corgi products. Since the corgi butt design is the shop’s bestseller, you may want to buy them now before they sell out. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Got these for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves them. Not only do they match our little pup but she loves the material the leggings are made out of even more. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!”

close-fitting tights cute funny design


corgi butt leggings workout

Get yours here. Check out the full range here.