This Corgi Uses Its Butt To Open Bottles For You

There is nothing more adorable than a corgi’s fluffy rear end. So, can you really blame us if these oddly adorable canine buttocks become our new favorite thing? And, now we can take every celebration to a whole new level of cute with this corgi butt bottle opener. It’s about time you replace those boring bottle openers and make your home bar more exciting with our newest adorable find.

This bottle opener can be easily mounted onto the wall. It comes with screws that are pre-painted to match the colors of the dog figure. It is made of high quality resin with a metal bottle opener hilariously located right on the figure’s rump. So, expect to get some laughs every time you and your guests use it to open the bottles.


Corgi Butt Bottle Opener

cute corgi butt bottle opener

A charming display on your home bar and kitchen, it measures 1.75 inches x 4 inches x 6.5 inches. This cute bottle opener opens standard size bottle caps and doubles as amusing wall décor when not in use. It also makes a perfect gift for corgi lovers or beer lovers.

corgi butt bottle opener

Corgi’s furry rear ends have been the inspiration for lots of merch including mouse pads, plush pillows, leggings and many more. But it didn’t actually occur to us that we can make use of this cute feature to open our bottles. And now that we know of it, we’ll never ever want to open our bottles with anything else but this.



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