50 Cool Designs That Take Home Decor To The Next Level

When it comes to making decisions about a buildings interior and exterior, the term ‘modern’ always gets tossed around a lot. But what really is a modern design and how do we define it in a very specific way? So, by definition, it is described as a décor style that focuses on minimalism, clean lines, neutral colors and environmentally-friendly materials. In its simplest terms, it is a design aimed to maximize a limited space with the use of sleek functional elements featuring earth tones preferably made from recycled materials.

So you see, the modern look is the opposite of ostentatious style that sports voluminous pieces of furniture in flamboyant colors. Although it puts emphasis on space-saving and eco-friendly factors, this style also works in creating a stunning space without skimping on the wow factor. The use of low-profile furniture and simple color schemes sets an inviting tone. And the addition of indoor planters livens up the space with charming greenery. So, you can have a comfy and gorgeous home which is the hallmark of modern living.


This Instagram page features incredible examples of modern design.


Well, they say teaching by example is the best way to get the message across and that’s what we’re about to show you. There’s an Instagram page that collects and features wonderful examples of modern interiors and exteriors. From minimalist layouts and contemporary architectural design to multi-functional furniture and artistic pieces of décor. You can find a vast repertoire of examples on the page.


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Although the modern trend highlights the use of neutral colors for the walls, floors, curtains, furniture and décor pieces, there’s no rule that forbids you in adding some lively pops of colors to your home. But if you intend to distribute vibrant colors around the room, we suggest keeping the walls white to compliment the space. Always keep in mind to live by the rule ‘less is more’ because there is beauty in simplicity so keeping it simple is the best way to go.




Here we have a modern and very trendy cabin, we love the cool homes featured from around the world.






A lot of the images on the page also show how stunning smaller spaces can be. We love this because it shows that you don’t have to have large rooms to make a gorgeous space that really wows. For instance, this balcony is so cozy and you can see how they have made the most of the space they had.







A lot of modern homes also have solutions for modern storage issues. For instance this home has a drawer that can charge all your technology.


If you are looking for unique décor for your home then the page is a great place for inspiration as it actually shows pieces you can buy. Here is an example, this moon mirror is statement making, modern and simple enough to add in any room.


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But, it’s not all about the inside. This post shows the outside of a restaurant and it is such a fun and quirky idea. Modern exteriors like this will make sure your home or business is remembered.




Something like this is perfect for those who love plants and for those who like plants but have trouble keeping them healthy and alive. With plant lights like these you can have plants all year round.









Many of these posts also show modern and multi functional pieces of furniture. For example, here we have a sofa and a dining table all in one!


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Some of the images show amazing designs that make natural elements the feature



While some show off unique décor ideas and if you enjoy DIY projects you could even try to recreate pieces of furniture like this one.






It’s not all about trendy and minimal design, the page also shows some fun accessories to such as this cactus toilet brush. This will be a bold and unique addition to any bathroom.








So, if you love stylish interiors or are looking for some modern design inspiration for you own home then make sure you give the page a follow.

Source: Instagram page