This Chain Chomp Bed Is A Must Have For Any Cat-Loving Super Mario Fan


For the cat-owning Super Mario fan who has everything, this awesome Chain Chomp bed is the icing on the cake! Created by the genuine Mario-enthusiasts at cat furniture company CatastrophiCreations, the bed is cool, arty, fun and practical too! Starting off as a litter box, the team soon realized that the Chain Chomp was too small for that however it was the perfect dimensions to be a covered bed.


The Chomp is made from a huge Styrofoam ball covered in paint and numerous coats of epoxy. As a result, this hinged design is durable and surprisingly light. Even the chain of the cat bed is Styrofoam although the box it is attached to is wooden. The bad news about the Chomp is that as it took such a long time to make, only two were ever created. Oh well, we can always dream of owning one.
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