People Share Things About Famous Logos They Never Noticed Before

It’s imperative for any company to establish a point of identification while presenting a symbol that visually communicates to the audience. The recognizable yellow arches that form the letter ‘M’ identifies McDonald’s, the swooshing check mark represents Nike, the iconic two-tailed mermaid of Starbucks, these famous logos were so successful at conveying brand messages and values to the market. It just shows that a well-designed logo gets people to stick around and helps build trust by validating the identity of the brand it represents.

Big companies and small businesses alike are willing to spend millions of dollars for a company logo that can establish brand recall with potential clients. But even an ingenious logo design can be subject to misinterpretation. Yes, even the most famous logos are given a different meaning or outlook by some people who mistook the elements as something else. LA-based content creator Freddie Campion shared his own experience of this phenomenon. On a Twitter post, he shared a humorous story of when his wife had thought that Colonel Sanders’ bow tie on the KFC logo was his body in a cartoonish-stick form. Since then, he wasn’t able to ‘unsee’ the tiny stick figure whenever he looks at it.


Famous Logos That Are Hilariously Misunderstood

And it turns out Campion wasn’t the only one. With his Twitter post going viral, many people started to pitch in with their own funny misinterpretations of popular logos. Be warned though, these false impressions might change the way you look at these iconic logos entirely. And just like Campion, you might not be able to unsee these little misunderstandings. But nonetheless, these hilarious misinterpretations are quite entertaining.



























Source: Twitter