This Instagram Page Displays Good Design Ideas That Completely Transform An Area

Planning to spruce up your home? Get some cool design ideas from these amazing home renovations and interior transformations. Lockdowns and self-quarantine protocols due to the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home for months. While some people struggled to juggle between working-from-home and home-schooling their kids, others were lucky enough to just do nothing. With so much time to spare and nowhere else to go, many people occupied themselves with redecorating and renovating their living spaces out of sheer boredom.

If you’re looking for some great design ideas to transform your space, look no further than the Instagram page The page collects and features awesome home transformations made by DIY experts and interior design enthusiasts. Anyone can submit their projects to the page which include before and after photos of the transformation. Creative projects are not only limited to home renovations but also to vehicles, backyards, furniture, and many others.


Cool Design Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Space

Whether you’re bored or you’re seriously considering to revamp your living space, you can find plenty of inspirations from the page. Or if you want to flaunt your own project, you can submit pics of your works to the page and share your own design ideas.





























Source: Instagram | Feature Image: Instagram / Instagram