Modern Blackout Blinds Transform Windows into Night Time Penthouse Views of the City

Window blinds have simple, basic functions. They allow you to control the amount of light that can pass through and they act as window covers for your privacy. But what if window blinds can do more than their basic functions? HoleRoll, a Ukraine-based company, introduces a roller blind that can serve its basic function as a window blind, and more. When rolled out, it creates pleasant image of the night city. HoleRoll city blackout blinds have holes that can cast beautiful shadows when placed against daylight. From the inside, you get an impressive view of a glittering city skyline.

holeroll window blinds

That’s not all. When you roll it out at night, the image appears on the other side of the window. People from outside of your room will get to see the amazing illusion of shining cityscapes.

HoleRoll window blinds are made of German fabric that won’t allow light to infiltrate. Each side is coated with anti-static and dust-proof material. Make sure that the black side is facing the room interior and the white side is facing the window. Additionally, the white side has heat-proof coating that helps keep your room cool even under scorching sunlight.

holeroll window blinds shadow art

HoleRoll window blinds cast a beautiful shadow art upon your room

holeroll window blinds night city

If you want to add an urban touch to your home, HoleRoll window blinds will bring you glimmering city lights. You can imagine yourself living in residential skyscrapers, less the noise and pollution from the actual city.

holeroll window blinds city lights


holeroll roller blinds


holeroll window blinds beautiful shadow

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