This Coodle Pillow Prevents Getting a Numb Arm from Spooning

Spoon-hugging may seem like a mere form of cuddling between partners but there’s more to it than that. Studies show that spooning significantly helps couples feel closer as it also helps them relax and make them feel happier. However, there are also certain challenges that come with it. Spooning position involves having the weight of your partner’s head on your arm, or the other way around. Staying in this position for an extended period of time can cause numbness on the arm. On top of that, the pressing weight can obstruct blood flow in the hands which can be potentially dangerous. So, is there a way to spoon-hug your partner without sacrificing your arm? Now, you can! Rejoice because the Coodle Pillow is here to save your cuddling moment.

Coodle Pillow sleeping

This one-of-a-kind pillow features its patented arch design with internal braces to take the weight off the arm. These braces block pressure from pressing against the arm. Simply place your arm under the 3.31-inches high arch pillow and let your partner rest his/her head on your arm. Now you can go in a spooning position all night long without feeling any discomfort and pain. Moreover, the Coodle Pillow is made from premium foam that is entirely made in the U.S. according to the website.

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Coodle Pillow


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Is the Coodle Pillow only applicable to couples? Truth is, even single person can benefit from this comfortable pillow. Its brace design system is not only applicable to the arm. It could also serve as an elevated pillow that allows you to prop your head up to watch TV. Each pillow comes with a removable cloth cover. The company is currently working on a larger version because the standard size may not fit everyone.
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