14 Images Showing Children’s Drawings Transformed Into Awesome Jewelry Pieces

Any parent, auntie, uncle etc. will tell you that children love to give drawings as gifts. Often this leaves people’s walls and/or fridges cluttered as they don’t want to throw any of them away! So, wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative? Artist Yasemin Erdin has a fantastic and creative solution. Yasemin turns children’s drawings into timeless memories by making them into awesome jewelry pieces! The price for having this done could be said to be a little steep, but her business is continuously growing, showing people think it is worth it. Take a look!
Website: Etsy

A quirky owl necklace!

We think that’s a pretty good pig drawing!

We love that every piece is totally unique.

A necklace being worn…

We wish our hair would grow that long!

A face many parents experience!

Simple yet cute.

It’s nice that if for whatever reason the drawings got destroyed or lost, you have a lasting memory.

This design is adorable!

Check out those lashes!

Dog, cat, bird? You decide!

It’s great that the drawings are replicated using every detail possible.

The mind of a child is a wonderful thing.

We imagine the jewelry gets lots of compliments.