Better Sleep Pillow

Get the much needed rest your body deserves when using this better sleep pillow. Helps with neck and back pains. Great support for your spine, Ultra soft and machine washable. Awesome!



  1. Pauline Davis

    great invention

  2. Ruby Ruth

    seriously? why would anyone spend $100 on a pillow? that is ridiculous!

    • Kristina Michelle Ready

      I would if I knew it would help my back.

  3. Nelda Serrato Hanson

    Sorry, maybe if it was a memory foam pillow, but I still wouldn't pay a hundred bucks for a pillow.

    • Ruben Serrato

      I have a pillow !!! Karen Minkwitz. LOL

    • Monica Norman

      I have to be able to scrunch up my pillow, fold it in half, turn it sideways, these foam pillows are too inert.

    • Liz Gatehouse

      for a hundred bucks I,d wanna remember more than the pillow haha xxxxxxxxx

  4. Eric Kurtz

    For the record.. some people spend up to $1,500 for a SINGLE pillow.. and they don't regret it. All depends how much money you have. Just like a paintng. most arnt expected to sell for $15,000,000.00 just whoever has the most money gets it! People need to learn how the world works.

  5. Anna Skwierczynska

    This is how I sleep 😀 I would love it 😀

  6. Rich Gomes-Villani

    Everyone says it smells like shit so don't get it.

  7. Quincy Parrow

    owkey, deze heb ik echt nodig. Wordt snachts altijd wakker met slaaphand.

  8. Ariana Berisha

    Ik gebruik mn reuze hamster knuffel maar deze kussen ziet er idd echt heerlijk uit ♡_♡

  9. Stacy Rooth

    Duidelijk haha!

  10. Becca Macken

    Robert *spooning pillow.

  11. Hannah Johnson


  12. Stephanie Bento

    *shrug* I have and will again, if you have enough neck/back pain its necessary. hell, im trying to figure out how to take one with me when I go to Europe so I can function… its a necessity for some.

  13. Intakhab Alam

    This is how I sleep.

  14. Bhakti Evelyn

    Who Says this?What does it smell like?Maybe it can be hidden with multiple pillow covers or wash it?

  15. Bhakti Evelyn

    My daughter was a young woman when she got hit by an 18yr old who had her license for a week.She has 6 herniation,all through her spine and something called intercostal neuralgia which means every times she breathes in it feels like Wolverine knives in her ribs are ripping her in two. She has an appointment tomorrow to get needles put into her neck.This has to be done 3 times and I am scared because it is on her neck n spine,wouldn't you be? We have bought her so many different pillows to see how she can sleep nicely on her side. Chiropractors say that you should sleep, with a pillow straight, aligned with your spine, on your back or on your side that your head, neck, should be straight.We can't afford these pillows,but when it comes to her health and my daughter's pain, we have no choice!We have bought pillows and they were not as good as advertised and we lost money,that's why I want to ask everyone here if they bought it

  16. Diane Tovar-MacDonald

    For Mark !

  17. Adam Kobosky

    id cut my own damn pillow instead of one hundo doll hairs

  18. Elena Gnidenko

    hahahahaha, that s so funny, now I know the soultion for my right arm.

  19. Mhairi Louise Crolla

    I need this

  20. Corey Doyle

    I need this cause i suffer from buldgimg disk in my neck :/

  21. Jackie Shafer-Vantrease

    Kevin Vantrease

  22. Dibha Rana

    omg i thought i was the only one who slept like this!!! yay I'm not alone!

  23. Arielle Kolodzinski

    Yay! Other people actually sleep like this!

  24. Shourov Hassan

    I actually sleep like this :D. perfect for me 😛

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