Iranian Architect Creates Minimalistic Staircase That Looks Like A Strand Of DNA

What’s the most striking feature in your home? Every home has something special hidden inside since everyone has unique preferences and requirements. Some take pride in their meticulously curated living room, bedroom or kitchen. A family even uncovered a hidden hot tub in the floor of their new house. Rooms always take center stage in the plans of both builders and homeowners, and the stairs usually becomes an afterthought. However, Iranian architect Eisa Ghasemian’s minimalistic staircase design has elevated the often-overlooked staircase into an eye-catching feature that’s sure to inspire some serious house envy.

Despite its important role, stairs don’t receive much attention or innovation. Sure, there are various designs and material choices available to make your staircase fit together with your home’s overall interior. However, Ghasemian’s minimalist staircase isn’t meant to blend in with the interior. The staircase was made to stand out and wow people. This staircase is hard to miss and even harder to look away from, as its fluid shape will have you wondering how in the world Ghasemian got the wood to curve the way it does.


Meet Eisa Ghasemian, the Iranian architect behind the minimalistic staircase that looks like a DNA strand

The feat of designing such a stunning yet minimalistic stairwell is not something a novice would be capable of pulling off. Ghasemian’s been in the field of architecture for over 7 years now, so it’s totally understandable that she’s comfortable enough to create designs that are outside the box. Ghasemian has designed for projects both in Iran and abroad.  And this DNA strand-inspired staircase is among her favorite creations so far. In one Instagram post, the Iranian architect wrote that designing the staircase was one of her best experiences.


Fluidity and motion inspired the staircase


“Design means creating and building, and I really like that.”

Before her designs become tangible, Ghasemian challenges herself by finding a specific idea to translate into reality using architecture. And in the case of her staircase, she took inspiration from the idea of fluidity and motion to bring this one-of-a-kind design to life. Her design certainly captured the concept, because you won’t see any rigid lines in her DNA strand-like staircase. Compared to the typical blunt staircase design consisting of short, straight boards following a rigid form, Ghasemian’s staircase simply dips and curves without interruption.

“Arches are a symbol of movement and the staircase is the main element in the house that connects the interior spaces of the house. In addition, attempts were made to design a staircase that had both good [technical] performance and beauty.”


You won’t need factory parts or a lot of fuss to install this staircase

The minimalistic staircase is clean no matter which angle you look at it from. The wood surface covers the inner metal structure that connects all the pieces together. And according to Ghasemian, assembling the staircase isn’t hard. In fact, this design only took them a month to build and install. You won’t need factory parts to assemble this captivating staircase. But it certainly helps if your workers and technicians are skillful and efficient like Ghasemian’s team!

When you scroll through Ghasemian’s Instagram feed, you’ll notice that she truly takes a lot of inspiration from fluidity and motion. She does, after all, specialize in the Syntax of Architectural Space, and have a PhD! The DNA Strand-inspired staircase is only one of the many designs that the Iranian architect has executed. But this DNA Strand-like staircase is definitely one of her best works so far!

Source: Eisa Ghasemian