This Dual-Chamber Water Bottle Can Hold Two Different Drinks

Water, orange juice, tea, lemonade… can’t decide which one to bring along with you? Why choose one when you can take two kinds of beverages in one cup? This dual-chamber water bottle has two compartments to contain two different drinks in one container. Each compartment has its own drinking straw to let you share half of it to your friend, kid, or partner. You’ll never get bored of only one flavor of drinks ever again. And you don’t have to carry extra tumblers just to bring all your favorite refreshments with you when you go out.

This dual-chamber water bottle features a partition layer to provide two separate compartments in a single cup. The thick divider fully extends up to the rim of the bottle to ensure that the separate contents don’t mix even when you shake or place it upside down. Furthermore, it features a two-layer leakproof lid and a pair of foldable straws to ensure no water leakage. So, you can put it in your bag without having to worry about leaks or spills. Plus, the bottle cap prevents dirt and dust to keep the straws clean.


Dual-Chamber Water Bottle

dual-chamber water bottle

Fill the separate compartments with the beverages of your choice. Insert the straws by pushing the cover into the rim. No need to align the interface, just make sure that the cover is firmly inserted into place. Place the leakproof lid and twist to tighten. Then place the bottle cap to protect the foldable straws. It has a handle attached on the leakproof lid for portability.

double-sided drinking cup parts


dual-chamber water bottle foldable straws


double-sided sippy cup


dual-chamber water bottle black

This dual-chamber water bottle is made of food grade PP material which is considered one of the safest plastic for handling food and beverages. Overall, the drinking cup can hold up to 600ml of beverages (300ml for each compartment). If you have kids with different choices of drinks, this double-sided cup should solve your problem. You love smoothie but your partner loves protein shake. No need to carry two different tumblers for your drinks. Just place them in one container and share the moment as you sip together from a single bottle. Now isn’t that romantic?

double-sided sippy cup two compartments


dual-chamber water bottle separated straws


dual-chamber water bottle pink

Lightweight and portable, this dual-chamber water bottle comes in exquisite design with transparent wall to let you see what you’re getting. It is available in colors white, black, green, and pink. One happy buyer wrote:

“The design is great and I can use one side for milk and cereal and one side with juice to drink. No more taking 2 containers to work everyday.”

dual-chamber water bottle two beverages


double-sided sippy cup blue

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