This Car-Shaped Tent Is Perfect For Camping In Cities Or Reserving Parking Spots

Finding a parking spot is a struggle that all car owners can certainly relate to. Sure, there are valet services that you can avail of for hassle-free parking. However, it would definitely be more ideal if you could secure your parking spot without incurring an extra charge. Besides, not all establishments offer such a service. Well, this car-shaped tent just might be the perfect solution to your everyday parking problem. Simply set it up and have your parking spot reserved for you as you go about your day.

At a glance, this ingenious accessory gives the illusion of a parked car with a protective cover over it. So, once you’ve set it up at your desired spot, people will simply think that the spot has already been occupied. Indeed, it’s a pretty clever and tricky way to save a parking spot. Likewise, it’s a unique portable pop-up shelter that’s ideal for urban camping. Above all, it’s a great way to trick your family and friends into thinking that you own a car.


This car-shaped tent lets you secure your parking spot as you go about your day

woman setting up a car-shaped tent
Michael Rakowitz

However, this automobile-inspired tent was actually designed with a deeper purpose in mind. Created by Chicago-based artist Michael Rakowitz, the tent was more of an art installation that’s part of his project (P)LOT. Kicked off in 2004, the still-ongoing project aims to promote alternative uses for municipal parking spaces. These include areas or spaces for different activities, including but not limited to temporary encampments, outdoor dining, and gardens.


(P)LOT questions the occupation and dedication of public space and encourages reconsiderations of ‘legitimate’ participation in city life. A first initiative for this re-dedication is realized through the conversion of ordinary car covers to portable tents for use as living units or leisure spaces.”

man and woman inside a portable shelter collage
Michael Rakowitz


car-shaped tent prototype
Michael Rakowitz

The project involved the use of customized weatherproof automobile covers, PVC pipes, and tent poles. As with actual cars, car covers also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from sedans, crossovers, to SUVs. So, you have plenty of options to choose from to fit your needs and preferences.

automobile-inspired portable shelter
Michael Rakowitz

But of course, having a tent in the form of an automobile doesn’t exempt you from getting a parking ticket. So, you’d probably want to keep that in mind. Likewise, you’ll have to make sure that it can withstand different weather conditions. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant way to enjoy camping in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life.


Aside from the automobile-shaped tent, Rakowitz has also devised an inflatable, portable shelter designed for homeless people

parasite by michael rakowitz
Michael Rakowitz


They can attach it to the exterior vents of an establishment’s HVAC system to inflate it and keep it warm inside

custom built inflatable shelters for homeless people by michael rakowitz
Michael Rakowitz

Check out Michael Rakowitz’s website to learn more about his unique projects.

Source: Michael Rakowitz