17 Easy To Do Cleaning Hacks To Make Life Easier

You know that feeling when your house needs a good clean but you just can’t face the hassle? Well, with these 17 easy cleaning hacks, you will get your rooms looking and smelling amazing in no time. Who knew that grapefruit and salt is so good at getting rust stains off a bath tub? Or that you can rub and old bagel on a painting to clean it? Insane but true! These 17 hacks will change the way you clean forever.

Clean a dusty painting by gently rubbing it with a halved bagel.

Keep baseboards free of dust with dryer sheets.

Clean the greasiest oven with baking soda, dish detergent, and vinegar.

Two cups of vinegar in the dishwasher cleans plastic toys.

A jug of vinegar will steam clean a microwave in 5 minutes.

Dust blinds with a clean sock.

Use grapefruit and salt to clean your bath tub.

Lemon rind ice cubes are great for cleaning a garbage disposal.

Use a lint roller to easily clean the dust from lampshades.

A squirt nozzle attached to your vacuum cleaner gets into tiny spaces.

Remove stubborn sticker residue with a bicarbonate of soda and coconut oil mixture.

Use a slice of bread to safely pick up broken glass.

Microwave your kitchen sponge to remove bacteria and smells.

Use a potato to clean your grater.

Deep clean your cutting board with lemon and salt.

Flour and vinegar is all you need for home made brass polish.

Clean glitter with Play Doh.