“Sorry, But Your Princess Is In Another Castle” Doormat

Bring a geeky quote right to your doorstep with this ‘Sorry, But Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ doormat. For those who have played Super Mario in the NES era, there’s no other cutscenes more frustrating than completing a level just to find a toad character telling you that the princess wasn’t there. Of course, all Mario fans know this phrase all too well. It has even become a popular gaming meme. So, even Gen Z gamers are no stranger to this phrase.

This doormat will surely give that nostalgic feeling to your visitors. It will certainly remind them of that annoying feeling of fighting through a series of dastardly castles only to find Toad instead of Princess Peach. Well, it’s good that Mario got to rescue Toad from Bowser. But you can’t deny the disappointment after you’ve realized you’ve entered the wrong castle. Now, how about telling your visitors that they’ve entered the wrong house with this hilarious doormat?


Sorry, But Your Princess Is In Another Castle Doormat

super mario funny floor mat

The doormat is made of natural coconut fiber known to effectively absorb dirt, moisture and mud. We’ve featured a lot of funny doormats before, most of which feature comical words and phrases. If you’re looking for a funny doormat with vivid graphics and a hilarious quote then this Super Mario doormat is just perfect for you. Your visitors are definitely going to take their time admiring this floor mat before they start barging in. The nostalgia might even start an interesting conversation between you and your guests.

princess is in another castle doormat


super mario floor mat coco coir


princess is in another castle doormat mario

This doormat measures 23.62 inches x 15.75 inches. The underside is made of non-slip PVC rubber to keep it in place. To clean the mat, use a light scrub brush with soap and water to clean off the surface. Then use warm water to brush the soap out of the mat. You can also place this mat outdoors or as room décor. For sure, this decorative floor mat will make any gamer happy if you were to give this to them as a gift.


“Works and functional. Really gets the dust off our shoes.”, one buyer wrote. “It appears to be durable and sturdy but I haven’t had to clean it yet so I can’t say if it’s easy to clean or not. I love it and I would recommend.”

princess is in another castle doormat super mario


coco coir floor mat pvc rubber underside

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