Scary Situations That Will Give You Shivers

Life is full of hazards and horrors, it’s just one of the things that we have to deal with. But, occasionally, when something especially nasty is lurking around the corner, it can give you serious shivers. Giant hornets’ nest on your window? Terrifying clown situation? No thank you! Sometimes what the universe throws at us is just too much. However, if you want to ease your pain, just look at these twelve scary situations and be glad that it wasn’t you who encountered these terrors! 

It’s okay guys… we’ll just stay here.

Never mind. Clean teeth are overrated. 

Fifty-foot long snake… run! (Luckily, the titanoboa went extinct around 50 million years ago.)

‘Shall we go down?’ Said no one ever.

Run! Save yourself!

Move. Very. Carefully.

It’s okay. We’ll find a new house.

Ouch! We really think you should give that a rest.


Not what you want to see when you’re hanging out your laundry.

You’re not getting us anywhere near that ‘bunny’.

What’s that on your face? Uh… nope!

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