These Cups Turn Into Mini Galaxies When Clear Liquid Is Poured Into Them

If you had guests coming to your home, wouldn’t you try to impress them with a drink that tastes like heaven? We bet you would also want the drink to look heavenly, too. Well, this beautiful galaxy sake cups design that you’re about to see would probably give you what you’ll need. Japanese artist Hiromi Sato has individually made these cups by hand. And, he has turned each into tiny galaxies that are absolutely fascinating to see — especially after pouring a clear liquid in them! Since they have been incredibly popular, they were immediately sold out, too!

Each of the stainless steel tumblers has a unique design. Sato has painted and repainted them with lacquer, and then she finished them with gold dust. What gives each piece a shimmering color is that gold! Each cup, also known as “Chuu COCORO” or “Space Heart” shines with a star-like quality.


Sansaku sells these cups online. They describe the galaxy sake cups design as follows:

“a work that has been painted with the unique texture of stainless steel processing technology and oxidation coloration in Sakai City, Niigata Prefecture by Hiromi Sato, a traditional craftsman in Niigata and Shirane Butsudan.”

Japanese artist Hiromi Sato creates a galaxy sake cups design that continues to fascinate an international audience.

Well, with such a design, each cup isn’t cheap — as you should expect. You can buy these cups at 10,800 yen or US$99.91 per piece.

The Niigata Prefecture, from which Hiromi Sato hails, is where you’d find more than 90 sake breweries. It’s also a famous prefecture since it produces some of Japan’s most high-quality sake. Indeed, people in this region are taking the traditional drink high up there!

The artist Hiromi has found herself surprised by the apparent popularity of her work. Now, she’d like to assure her customers that she is working on making more of these kinds of tumblers.

Watch out for her works on the shop! Make sure you can get your hands on at least one galaxy sake cups design!


Writing on her blog, Hiromi says:

“There is such a huge reaction, and I am surprised. However, there are no more cups available right now. We apologize for any inconvenience, please wait for a while. Thank you in advance.”



Here’s how people have reacted towards the amazing sake cups!

niki toth galaxy sake cups design

jason personius galaxy sake cups design dawn rivers taylor galaxy sake cups design cal dav galaxy sake cups design adriana renee trevino galaxy sake cups design


Source: SoraNews 24

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