Coca-Cola Is Releasing Cans Of The Cherry Vanilla Flavor In Time For Valentine’s Day

This year is the year we get all the things we’ve ever dared to dream of. Case in point: the Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla. It seems that the flavor gods over heard our desperate pleas for a perfect Valentine’s fizz, and they truly delivered. Cherry and vanilla-flavored Cokes have existed for the longest time. And it’s pretty much an open secret that when you mix them together, you get ultimate sweet sip. This official combo has been a long time coming.

But it’s here now and that’s all that matters. And we have to thank everyone who made the Cherry Vanilla combo using the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines for it. According to the brand, the blending of cherry and vanilla syrups was one of the machine’s most popular flavor combinations. The brand pointed out that over 105.5 million cans of Cherry Vanilla Coke have been poured since 2017. So the brand’s decision to finally dole out an official version of the combo totally makes sense.

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Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla is set to hit shelves ahead of Valentine’s Day

The brand announced that we’ll be seeing the soda dreams are made of starting February 10, 2020. And, another good thing is that it’s not going to be a limited release, so there’s a big chance of it becoming a long term addition to the brand’s lineup. And another good thing is that we can choose between 120z cans and bottles once they hit the shelves.

We’ve still got a few more days to wait for that first, sweet sip, but some lucky samplers have already gotten their hands on the Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla. They tried the Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero first, and their initial observation was that its vanilla scent was overpowering its cherry counterpart. “Vanilla is more prevalent on the tongue than cherry, which is fine since cherry flavoring can taste medicinal,” one taster said.

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When they got the regular Cherry Vanilla Coke, the testers claimed that they were baffled, if not confused. According to them, the Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla left them “looking for both cherry and vanilla”. Hopefully this won’t be the case, because I love cherry and vanilla. The only way to find out if their claims bear any truth is by trying it ourselves. I, for one, am looking forward to this game changer to hit shelves. It’s definitely going to make Valentine’s Day taste way more interesting.