15 Hilarious Pub Signs Made By A Talented Lady With Her Chalk

Many of you reading this would have seen many chalk signs stationed outside pubs and bars. They’re great for advertising as you can switch things up as much as you please and there’s little to no cost when it comes to upkeep and usage. However, most of us would happily confess we aren’t too much of a dab hand when it comes to being artistic. Of course, we could do some simple writing but that’s not going to draw in the punters, is it?! Well, one person who is extremely talented in their creativity and drawing skills is Ollie Wolff Pruitt who designs witty signs for her friends bar in Dahlonega, Georgia. Take a look!
Website: LittleWolff

A fair enough statement!

Wacky indeed! Can you imagine if humans did too?

Did you get it first time? Or, have to re-read it? 

Pun intended!

Poor Mr. T-Rex!

This is so hilariously accurate!

We need to try one of these burgers…

The mystery has been solved.

We love a good hipster joke!

This is brilliant!

We bet this awesome sign brought loads of people in!

A very good point!

We support anywhere that supports diversity!

This won’t please everyone, but witty nonetheless!

This statement is true for many.