New Moms Share Their First Thoughts After Giving Birth

Having a baby is a beautiful experience. But, let’s not pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows! Giving birth can be an extremely traumatic and overwhelming experience. No two births are the same and everyone’s situation differs. The same goes when it comes to the feelings and emotions. Some mothers experience overwhelming joy whilst others get the baby blues. Here we have some first hand accounts where new moms share their first thoughts after giving birth. Take a look and always remember to be understanding towards, and not judgmental of, any new mother, or father.
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Body Is Wrecked

Communication is key. The partner might not actually be ‘not looking’ it just feels that way. Share your insecurities and let him help you to feel better. 

Loving Life

Some people can’t wait to go through the whole experience of having a baby all over again!

No Break

We would be shocked if this was true. You’re meant to wait a while after giving birth to have sex again! 


We bet this feels great! What a confidence boost.

Tensions Are High

This isn’t an uncommon way to feel when you have a newborn! 

Exited To See My Feet

This one made us laugh. 


This sounds like an extremely difficult situation to cope with. 

Feeling Down

Moms need to stop being so hard on themselves. It takes time for your body to recover from pregnancy and child birth. 

Lose Weight

The fiance sounds like a jerk to us. 

Young Mom

Too many people presume young moms are in over their head. Some naturally take to motherhood better than people who are older than them!

In Need Of Love

Aww, this is a shame. Sharing your feelings and needs is so important. 

Never Again

Once again many mothers feel like this! Sometimes it is permanent, sometimes it quickly wears off. 

Kinda Cool

Too many people presume that all women are devastated to get stretch marks. 

Thinking Of Leaving Him

Well, it doesn’t sound like the dad is offering much support so we don’t blame this person for wanting out! 

Stretch Marks

One of the possible side effects of pregnancy that people struggle to deal with.