This Reese’s Cookie Heart-Shaped Skillet Kit Is Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is speeding towards us like one of Cupid’s arrows, whether you like it or not. So even though you want to protest that it’s still January, our favorite brands are already preparing for the oncoming love fest. In fact, Target got the ball rolling with the announcement of the Reese’s Cookie Heart Skillet Kit. These special cookie-making kits come loaded with goodies and treats to make the perfect heart-shaped cookie for your snacking joy.

Personally, I love Valentine’s Day because the world literally becomes a sweeter place. February is essentially peak chocolate season! But Reese’s is making a case for a new, possibly life changing, cookie combination. We all know how good Reese’s peanut butter cups are, but have you ever tasted it chip form, mixed into a cookie? Not yet? We thought so!

reese's cookie heart skillet kit


Bake a delicious Valentine’s treat with the Reese’s Cookie Heart Skillet Kit

Reese’s heart-shaped cast iron skillet bakes one cookie at a time. And since the skillet’s size is just right for a single serving, you won’t need to feel any guilt or shame when you munch on it all by yourself! Each 3.4-ounce kit contains an easy-bake cookie mix, so you won’t all worked up in the kitchen. In addition to the cookie mix, you’ll also be getting a pack of chocolate chips and another pack that contains the exciting Reese’s peanut butter chips! But of course, the best thing about the kit is the cast iron skillet that’s shaped like a heart. Imagine all the me-time/comfort cookies you can bake with this!

hershey's brownie heart skillet kit


Don’t miss the chance of enjoying home-baked heart-shaped goodies this Valentine’s Day


However, if you prefer brownies over cookies, then the Hershey’s Special Dark Brownie Heart Skillet Kit is for you. This kit is relatively lighter by an ounce, since it only has the brownie mix with mildly sweet chocolate chips. Both heart-shaped cast iron skillet kits are available at Target for $7. Hurry and get your very own Reese’s Cookie Kit or Hershey’s Brownie Skillet Kit now before they’re gone! These skillet-baked goodies will definitely make a worthy and delicious night-in companion.

Source: Target