The New M&M’s Classic Mix And Peanut Mix Have Three Flavors In Each Bag

Choosing the best M&M’s flavor is like picking a favorite among your children. Well, you get the point – it’s just difficult to choose just one flavor. Thankfully, Mars, Incorporated finally heard our prayers and they have created the new M&M’s Classic Mix and Peanut Mix. By giving us three of our most favorite flavors in one pack, we’ll never have to pick just one flavor ever again.

Indeed, why get one when you can get three different treats in one bag? Fans have been asking for this for years. And it’s actually surprising that the candy brand only decided to give its fans what they want just now. What took them so long? Well anyway, it’s better late than never. Not only did the brand grant the fans’ wishes but it also offers two varieties of the MIX packs. The Classic Mix has Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Peanut flavors while the Peanut Mix has Dark Chocolate Peanut, Milk Chocolate Peanut and White Chocolate Peanut.


M&M’s Classic Mix and Peanut Mix

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that these varieties aren’t available yet. We will have to wait until April 2021 to get our hands on these goodies. But here’s something to look forward to. The Classic Mix and Peanut Mix Packs will be sold at stores nationwide. So, you won’t be having any problem searching for them. Plus, they don’t seem to be limited-edition items so we’re assuming they’ll be here for good once they hit shelves.

If you think we’re done then you’re wrong, we’re just getting to the best part yet. Anyone can have the chance to try these treats now. You can get the chance by commenting on the brand’s Instagram or Twitter post using the #sweepstakes along with a brief explanation on why you want to try these new offerings. Well, that’s not too hard to answer. Reps will choose the winner based from the answers and the winner will win a year’s supply of Classic Mix and Peanut Mix Packs. Not only could the winner get to have a taste of these treats ahead of the release but they’ll also get a year’s supply.